This Simple Profile Change Will Make You an Online-Dating God


When it comes to the highly competitive world of online dating, having a hot physique and quick wit simply doesn’t cut it anymore. But there is one very specific thing you can do to significantly increase your chances of chatting up that hottie on Bumble: Talk about food!

Yes, according to online-dating service Zoosk, any mention of food in general on your profile will boost your number of inbound messages, with certain types of food mentioned being more attractive than others. The king of all matchmaking foods? Guacamole. Yum!

After analyzing almost 4 million dating profiles and over 350 million first messages, the dating service found that mentioning the delicious millennial favorite on your Zoosk profile resulted in a whopping 144 percent increase in inbound messages. Potatoes and chocolate (again, yum!) also upped the service users’ game, providing a 100 percent increase in inbound messages.

Salad, sushi, pasta, cheese and ice cream also made Zoosk’s list of edible wingmen. And speaking of wings, the dating service found there were actually a couple of foods that hurt a person’s chances of getting a message‚ such as fried chicken, which led to a 15 percent decrease in inbound messages. Yikes. And, strangely enough, mentioning yams resulted in a 70 percent decrease. Who knew yams had such a bad rap?

Anyway, if you’re trying to get your online-dating profile down to a science, here are a few more tips from the study! You’re welcome.

1. Protein Is Key

Healthy eaters make attractive partners. Mentions of protein boosted inbound messages by 36 percent, mentions of fruits increased them by 34 percent and vegetables gave a 19 percent bump.

2. Foodies Can Get It

Being a total foodie will get your more than Instagram likes. Mentioning the word “foodie” in one’s profile resulted in an 82 percent increase in incoming messages. What’s more, profiles that contained the word “cook” received 26 percent more incoming messages.

3. People Are Down to Date Vegetarians and Vegans

Apparently, people were pretty closed-minded when it came to dating a vegetarian back in 2015. People who mentioned being a vegetarian in their messages saw 100 percent fewer replies than the average. Not to worry, though. Being a vegetarian in 2017 can actually win you a date, because mentioning it in a message boosted replies by 3 percent.

And on top of all that good news, mentioning that you’re a vegetarian in your profile could increase your incoming messages by 52 percent, and being a vegan can lead to an increase of 62 percent.

4. Fast Food Is Still a No-Go

If it wasn’t already obvious, most women (59 percent) have a negative view of their potential partner when they suggest going to a fast-food joint. Interestingly, only a quarter of men feel the same way.

For 10 percent of women, going to a fast-food restaurant on the first date is a total deal breaker. So unless fast food is truly your passion, this strategy is best avoided.

5. Sushi? Green Light!

Seafood is the most popular date-night food, with 19 percent of daters responding that they prefer it. Steak came in a close second, winning the hearts of 18 percent of responders.

6. Ditch the Chicken

There are a few foods that people tend to avoid on dates: 23 percent of people avoid buffalo wings and ribs, because who wants a big, sticky mess to be their first impression? Another unpopular date-night choice was Indian food, with 15 percent of people admitting they avoid it.

7. The “Sexiest Food” Is a Total Classic

Food can definitely help to set the mood: Surprise, surprise: 34 percent of people said that chocolate-covered strawberries are the sexiest fare. Wine and cheese followed, with 28 percent of the vote, and ice cream came in third with 12 percent.

What Do YOU Think?

What do you look for in a person’s dating profile? Are there any characteristics that will guarantee a message from you? What are some deal breakers? What’s the wackiest pickup line you’ve ever received? Share in the comments!