How to Use a Moby Wrap

Mother with baby on the beach


Baby Wearing Makes Life Easier

After nine months in the womb, being close to momma is super comforting to your little one. One way to keep baby close is to wear him in a wrap such as the MOBY Wrap. Wrapping this long piece of fabric around you and baby can seem complicated at first, but it will become second nature after a bit.


The MOBY Wrap comes in two models, the Classic Wrap and the Evolution Wrap. The weight range for baby is 8 to 35 pounds depending on which model you buy. A major plus is that the wrap is washable.

It comes in one size, and you can use the wrap from when your little one is tiny all the way through her toddler years, as long as she’s within the weight limit.

Using the Wrap

Watching the MOBY Wrap go from one long piece of fabric to a snug carrier for baby is intimidating for many moms. A few practice sessions, though, will have you wrapping like a pro.

Start with the MOBY logo centered at your navel then fold the wrap in half and place it across your waste with the stitched edge on top. Bring the ends around your waste to your back, crossing them to make an “X” before bringing them up over your shoulders. Tuck the ends of the wrap into the logo section from top to bottom, crossing the pieces when you pull them out the bottom so they make an “X” across your chest. Bring the fabric behind your back and tie a double knot. You can also bring the wrap back around to the front and tie a double knot there or on your hip.

Wrap Positions

The MOBY wrap allows you to wear your little one a number of different ways.

  • Newborn Hug Hold: This hold is best for tiny ones under 3 months. Open the seams of the shoulder piece nearest your body, then place your baby on the opposite shoulder. Slide your little one down into the pocket you created when you opened the seams. Your little guy’s legs will stay tucked up to his body. Spread the fabric of the pocket over his shoulders, back and bottom and then do the same with the opposite section. Finally, take the section of fabric with the logo and pull it up over your baby’s body. You can tuck your little one’s head under one of the shoulder pieces for extra support.
  • Hug Hold: This hold is best once your little one fully stretches her legs, probably around 3 to 4 months. Find the shoulder piece closest to your body and hold baby up to your opposite shoulder. Slide her first leg through the shoulder piece closest to your body, then spread the fabric over her bottom and shoulder until it covers down to the back of her knees. Hold your little one against you and slide her second leg through the other shoulder piece, then spread the fabric the same way you did for the first leg. Finally, put your little one’s legs through the section with the logo and pull the fabric up and over her back and shoulders.
  • Kangaroo Hold: The kangaroo hold can be used for any age. You’ll put the baby in before completely tying the wrap. Start by folding it in half and making the “X” on your back and bringing the ends over your shoulders. Hold your little one up on your shoulder and lower him into the section with the logo. Keep his body in the fetal position and pull the fabric up to his shoulders and under his bottom. While you hold your little guy, bring one fabric end over his back toward your opposite hip and under his bottom. Repeat this with the other end, then wrap both ends around your body and tie them in a double knot at your back, hip or front.
  • Hip Hold: The hip hold is best with older babies or toddlers who have excellent head and upper body control. With this hold, decide on which side you want to carry your little one and make sure that shoulder piece is closest to your body. Move the “X’ from your front to your side and place one of your baby’s legs through the piece closest to your body so your little one is straddling your hip. Spread the fabric over her bottom and shoulders. Spread the rest of the fabric over her back and down to her knees. Finally, put her legs through the piece with the logo on it and pull the fabric up over her back and shoulders.

Benefits of Baby Wearing

Wearing your little one in the MOBY wrap has benefits for both you and baby. The closeness of you to your little one helps meet his emotional, social and physical needs. He can hear your voice, see you and feel you. He also gets rocked by the movement of your walking. It recreates much of what he experienced in the womb.

Putting your little one in the wrap also frees up your hands for cleaning, prepping meals or taking care of other little ones. A MOBY Wrap is easier to pack than a stroller, it’s simpler to comfort your baby if he starts to fuss, and makes nursing easier if you’re breastfeeding.

Safety Tips for Baby Wearing

As convenient and easy as it is to wear your little one, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to make sure your baby is safe.

  • Make sure your little one’s nose and mouth aren’t covered by any fabric or by your body.
  • Your baby should be at least 8 pounds before you put her in the MOBY.
  • Use the right hold for your baby’s development as far as head and neck control.
  • Avoid any position that puts your little one’s body in a “C” shape or where her head drops forward to her chest.
  • If her legs are hanging, make sure her knees are up above her bottom in an “M” position, as this is better for her hips.