How to Tie Your Hair Into a Tight Bun With a Rubber Band


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Female ballet students know the importance of the perfect bun. While it's easy to tie your hair into a messy chignon with just a rubber band, a tight ballerina bun is slightly more challenging. Using the right comb instead of a brush or your fingers can provide the security you need to make a clean, neat bun that will stay up all day without stray hairs getting in your face.

Slightly dampen your hair either in the shower or with a spray bottle full of water. For extra hold and protection from alcohol-based hair gels, work a bit of leave-in conditioner in your hair or add a squirt of your regular conditioner to the water in the spray bottle.

Add hair gel to your hair for more control. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need to add more or less gel. For fine or thin hair, dip your fingers in the gel and smooth your fingers over your hair as you comb.

Comb your hair away from your face and into a tight ponytail with a fine-tooth comb. Secure the ponytail with the ponytail band.

Twist your ponytail tightly and wrap it in a coiled bun shape around the hair band.

Tuck the end of the ponytail underneath the bun and secure it all the way around with bobby pins.