How to Know When your Wife is Having an Affair

They always say "The Wife is the last Person to find out when her husband is having an affair." But is this true when the tables are turned and the wife is having an affair? Is the husband the last person to find out? Just how can you tell when your wife is having an affair? Here's how:

Are you just the jealous type, or is she really having an affair? Does she work with good looking, muscular guys, or a guy that has been hitting on her? There are ways you can tell if your wife is having an affair. Some of those signs are right there in front of you and some are very subtle. Read on to find the clues.

Your wife has changed her ways in bed. She has suddenly become more aggressive, or she is asking you to change it up. Or maybe she just is completely bored with sex with you. It could just be that you two need to talk, or that something is really wrong. Time for a counselor!

She is coming home later and later from work. And she hasn't gotten a raise or a bonus. When your wife is sneaking into the house after midnight, and she is a disheveled mess, this could be a really good sign of an affair.

Your wife is taking phone calls and making phone calls out of your hearing distance. The phone rings, she gets it and moves to another room to talk. Unless the room is really noisy, then this could be a good sign of an affair. When you hear her whispering in the other room, on many phone calls this isn't good. Unless she is planning a surprise party for you, that is.

Your wife could be having an affair when she talks to another guy at a social work related function, and she doesn't leave his side. And she really looks like she is having a great time talking to him. When she walks away from you and gives all her attention to another guy she works with or that is her client, and she looks really happy---Hello, it is time for a talk----No physical violence please!

Your wife has to suddenly go out. What is this about? Is she meeting her drug dealer, or a boyfriend? When she has a valid reason such as she is picking up he kids, or is getting groceries and comes home without the kids and no the groceries, okay fine. But when she says she has to go workout at ten at night, and comes home all sweaty---okay maybe she is just working out.

Your wife is getting strange phone calls anytime of the day or night and when you answer the person hangs up. This not good! Have these phone calls traced. Look at her cell phone bill to discover the source of the calls. Either the other person is stalking your wife, or this person is in love with her. It's not good when they won't talk to you.