Which Mens Shoes Have Good Arch Support?

feet on the ice image by drx from Fotolia.com

Pes planus, better known as having flat feet, is a fairly common foot condition for men. There are no major medical setbacks to the condition, but if not corrected it can cause pain to the rest of the foot, especially the heel, when walking or running. The good news is that all it takes to alleviate this pain are shoes with good arch support.

Drew Shoe

Drew Shoe is a company focused on making men's shoes to correct or improve pain associated with orthopedic conditions. The company has a line of work boots and dress shoes for men with pes planus.

The shoes are designed with comfort in mind rather than style and can be expensive. The price range for these shoes does vary, but several styles are upward of $200.

Drew Shoe 252 Quarry Road Lancaster, OH 43130 800-837-3739 drewshoe.com


Moszkito places its company emphasis on creating stylish, fashion-conscious shoes with good arch support. This shoe brand offers casual shoes and sandals with top-of-the-line arch support for both men and women.

Moszkito does not manufacture shoes for other orthopedic conditions, but every pair has some sort of specialized arch support. Some styles have different arch support options to best fit individual feet.

Moszkito Inc. PO Box 25550 Scottsdale, AZ 85255-0109 480-502-0017 moszkito.com

New Balance

What many people do not know about New Balance is that the company got its start making arch support work boots for police and wait staff workers in the early 20th century.

Today New Balance maintains its focus on providing good arch support but has shifted to the athletic shoe market. The price of New Balance shoes is generally competitive with other major players in the athletic shoe field.

New Balance Brighton Landing 20 Guest St. Boston, MA 02135-2088 617-783-4000