How to Correct the Wearing Down of the Outer Side of Your Shoe Heels

by Chelsea Fitzgerald ; Updated September 28, 2017

Wear sturdy well-made shoes and replace them often to prevent uneven wear.

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Walking correctly produces even wear on the soles of your shoes. Some people tend to walk on the outside sections of their shoes when tired; others because they simply have an abnormal foot alignment. Walking improperly causes uneven wear on the heels of your shoes. The problem is exacerbated when you wear the shoes again. With uneven soles, it's hard to walk correctly, even if you're focusing on the proper foot alignment. Simple solutions are available to properly align your feet, although they do vary in cost.

Purchase shoe inserts that help to properly align your feet. These flexible inserts are available at pharmacies and discount stores and are relatively inexpensive.

Visit a podiatrist to diagnose your foot-alignment problems. The physician may provide you with a prescription for custom-made orthotics that correct how you're walking.

Wear quality shoes that are sturdy and well-constructed to prevent uneven wear of the soles.

Purchase new shoes once the heels start to show uneven wear. The new soles will help your feet to align correctly.


  • Custom-made orthotics realign your foot and arch if they're not in balance, so they may be uncomfortable at first. Wear the orthotics as directed by your podiatrist; they should become comfortable over time.

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