Do Propet Shoes Offer Good Support?

For those with foot problems, comfortable shoes are a must-have. Many brands on the market today are advertised as comfortable, and Propet is one of these brands. The company makes a wide variety of styles, sizes and widths for both men and women.

Identifying the Problem

Many people have problems with their feet, and there's a wide range of common problems that often require a specialty comfort shoe. Foot problems, like bunions, calluses, corns, hammer toes, flat feet and heel pain can make walking, standing and moving around difficult. The proper shoe is often a simple solution to reduce or even do away with foot pain and problems. Propet walking shoes provide built-in comfort for a good price, and the company offers a broad range of styles and sizes.

About Propet

Propet began in 1985 with the goal of filling a need in the shoe industry: a durable, comfortable shoe for a value price. The company does not make its shoes to order, and instead aims to offer a wide range of sizes in stock so it is easier for customers to place an order. The company's trademarked All-Width Comfort Sizing system gives customers the security to order a shoe in a unique size and width with the guarantee that it will fit. Propet Walking Shoes come with one of the industry’s best sole guarantees: They are covered for replacement for the first 1,000 miles of walking or 6 months from the date of the customer’s purchase, whichever comes first.

Tying Shoes

Propet demonstrates its commitment to the comfort shoe business by giving its customers a number of ways to tie their shoes on its website. The diagrams give examples of a problem--heel slippage, high arches, toe discomfort and a wide front foot with a slim heel--and presents four different techniques to lace shoes for the best, most comfortable fit.

Styles and Customer Comments

Propet shoes are sold through its website and a number of other specialty shoe websites and stores. Many customers leave positive online reviews for the brand, saying they offer high levels of comfort, durability and a variety of styles, colors and sizes. The company offers walking shoes, dress shoes, sandals and casual wear styles for both men and women. For the most part, customer comments are overwhelmingly positive when it comes to recommending Propet shoes for comfort.