How to Make Lifts to Increase Your Height

Heel lifts have long been a secret of those insecure about their height. The easy way to gain inches instantly, heel lifts fit snugly in the back of shoes. These clever devices offer extra sole support and help users stand taller. Heel lifts are used for both cosmetic and medical reasons. While there are many options on the market, customizing your own heel lifts ensures comfort and fit. Solve your height insecurities by crafting personalized heel lifts.

Construct Heel Lifts

Pull the soles out of an old pair of shoes. These shoes can be bought at a thrift store or found in your closet. Make sure that the shoes are your size.

Measure the heel of your foot to the middle of your arch. Do so on both sides and note any differences between feet.

Cut the old shoe sole to the measurement of each foot, left and right respectively. Do the same for the shoe insert you have purchased. For more height, cut multiple shoe inserts.

Glue shoe inserts to the cut sole of the shoe with super glue. Take your time to ensure the outlines of each piece match up.

Trim excess borders of each heel lift, is necessary. Insert into shoe and enjoy your extra inches.