How to Break in Birkenstock Clogs

If you look at the foot bed of a Birkenstock clog, you notice immediately the special shape and contours. The foot bed has a special design that provides comfort for your feet as you stand and walk. Because the heel has a concave shape, it holds your foot securely while the toe gripper helps your foot grasp the foot bed. When you purchase new Birkenstocks, give yourself time to break them in. This is especially important if you have been wearing other shoes that are not kind to your feet (such as high heels).

Make sure the Birkenstock clogs you purchase fit your feet properly. Because of the unique way Birkenstocks support feet, the fit is important. Feet must fit in the foot beds completely with only ¼ inch of additional length to provide comfort as you walk. The foot bed width should fit your feet exactly to prevent them from moving to the side as you walk.

Wear the Birkenstock clogs indoors as you acclimate to the different fit and feel of these shoes. As you walk in the Birkenstocks, you should feel your toes grip. You may find the arch support different from any other shoes you have worn. These differences may take time for adjustment.

Limit the time you spend wearing the Birkenstock clogs while you adjust to the different feel and fit of these shoes. Do not wear the Birkenstocks to the point of discomfort in an attempt to break them in. Make the breaking-in time gradual and comfortable by extending it over a period of a week or two. Do not wear the Birkenstock clogs more than an hour or two at a time in the beginning and gradually increase the wearing time as you become used to the shoes.

Expect the Birkenstock clogs to become pliable and comfortable as you break them in. The foot beds will become more flexible as you wear them, and your feet will adjust to the way the Birkenstocks feel and support your feet. Wear the clogs full time (if you desire) when they feel like an extension of your feet.