What to Give a House Cleaner for Christmas

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Give the person who keeps your house sparkling clean a special holiday gift that shows your appreciation for a job well done. Many people are in a quandary about what kind of Christmas gift to give to the people in their life such as the mail carrier, newspaper carrier, house cleaner or babysitter. While cash seems to be the favorite choice, if you know your house cleaner well you may want to give her a more personal gift that says Merry Christmas.

Cash is King

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Most people give their house cleaner cash for a Christmas gift. The gift is considered a Christmas “bonus” or “tip” and cash, not a check, is the appropriate payment vehicle.

The standard amount is to double her usual payment. For example, if she commands a $75 fee you would offer her $150 ($75 for the job she did that day plus her bonus) as a gift right before Christmas.

If use a service for housekeeping, be sure you tip the actual house cleaners who do the cleaning. Depending upon the number of house cleaners and the size of your house, tip the girls $10.00 to $40.00 each as their Christmas gift.

Purchase a thoughtful Christmas card and place the cash inside. Be sure you sign everyone in the house’s name. For an extra special touch, include a small gift such as a tin of homemade cookies, cupcakes from a local specialty store or a box of candy.

Spa Day Gift

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Pamper the person who pampers your house with a spa day gift basket. Purchase a large basket from the local craft store and fill it with straw or shredded paper. Buy perfumed lotion, massage oil and a nail kit from a local retailer. You could also include a few tall pillar scented candles and room sprays, too.

Stop by the local hair salon, day spa or manicure salon and purchase a gift card for one or more services. The typical cost for a manicure and pedicure is around $35.00 or more. Treat her to a relaxing massage at a local day spa. Average cost for a massage begins around $60.00

Personal Gift

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If you’ve forged a relationship with your house cleaner or have known her for many years consider giving a thoughtful, personal gift. If you know she loves a certain band, rock group or play coming to town, purchase tickets as a gift.

For the house cleaner whose pride and joy are her children, purchase small Christmas gifts for each of her children and give her a gift card or dinner at a restaurant that she and her husband can enjoy.