What Shoes to Wear With Thick Ankles

by Gabriela Garzon

Women with thick ankles should avoid shoes that influence carrying all the weight in the ankle due to the fact that it over-accentuates the problem. Learn more about what shoes help conceal thick ankles with tips from an image consultant in this free video on fashion.

About the Author

Gabriela Garzon is the principal owner of G.G. Image & Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Fla., which is a full-service provider of image consulting, professional and personal etiquette, and international corporate protocol training for businesses. She has designed and taught interactive programs tailored to the needs of each organization, and she specializes in training individuals to develop leadership skills, build self-confidence and enhance personal development. Garzon has a bachelor's degree in international relations and women studies from Florida International University. She is nationally certified as a business etiquette and international protocol consultant.