What Shoes Should Be Worn With Straight Leg Jeans?

Skinny jeans, which are jeans that hug the leg to the ankle, have become popular. The perfect pair of shoes can make skinny jeans a great fashion statement.


Wear a pair of tall boots with your skinny jeans. Boots look best when the skinny jeans are tucked into the boot. This way, you can show off your boots to everyone without them being covered by your pants.


Skinny jeans elongate the leg, so, to continue this illusion, you can wear high heels. The skinnier the heel, the longer your legs will seem. Try to avoid wedge heels as they might appear bulky when paired with skinny jeans.

Pointed Toe

Another way to continue the elongation of your legs is to wear a pointed toe shoe with your skinny jeans.

Peep Toe

A peep toe shoe (a shoe with a small cutout at the front where toes can "peep" through) creates a great contrast with skinny jeans. The jeans cover your leg, so by showing a little skin on your feet, you give the jeans a more summery feel.

Anything but Sneakers

The only type of shoe that should never be worn with skinny jeans is a sneaker. Sneakers are so bulky that, in comparison with the skinny silhouette of the jeans, it makes the feet look much larger than they are.