What Makes a Cute Patriotic Outfit for Teachers?

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A school teacher's job is not only to teach, but to inspire children. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to talk about diversity, tradition, pride, community and celebration. Whether something has happened in our country to commemorate -- such as Patriot Day on September 11 -- or it's a festive holiday like The Fourth of July, you can show your support for The United States of America by wearing patriotic clothing in red, white and blue hues.


Male teachers can easily wear a pair of blue, white or khaki flat-front chinos and a white-and-blue striped polo shirt to show some country pride. Add punch to any outfit with a red, white and blue-striped or American flag bow tie. Women teachers look cute in a blue denim skirt and a red-and-white striped T-shirt, red socks and white canvas tennis shoes. Or, a dressier outfit includes navy linen pants, a white whimsical blouse and either a red gauzy scarf or belt. Cute red flats or blue jewel-encrusted sandals with an ankle strap round out the outfit.

Add Some Accessories

Choose a red, white or blue wrap-around watch that stands out on your wrist. Other options are little flag earrings for women, a flag-inspired cap or hat for a male teacher, and red sunglasses or a flag-inspired umbrella for both genders. Women can also carry a patriotic-colored purse, such as a white leather bag with little cut-out stars. You could also opt to wear red nail polish or paint a flag motif on her toe nails.

Build on Trends

The key to looking stylish, while still decked out in patriotic clothing, is to wear trendy clothing and accessories already in flag colors or stars and stripes motifs. For example, if blazers that cinch in at the waist are all the rage, buy one in a patriotic color. If chandelier earrings are trending, get a red and blue pair encrusted with rhinestones. Men can also look fashionable by keeping with texture and fabric trends, such as wearing a canvas belt in red, a tweed blazer in navy or a white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Costume-Type Apparel

If the goal is to entertain your students and have a little fun, choose an all-American costume. Dress up as Betsy Ross, Uncle Sam or The Statue of Liberty. Women teachers can sport a Miss America costume with a red, white and blue gown, rhinestone crown and red heels. A dozen red and white roses can sit on her desk. Male teachers might choose a Captain America costume featuring a red, white and blue clothing ensemble and shield. You should certainly take a cue from your school's administration to discern what is considered acceptable and appropriate; but if anything goes, a day that celebrates America is the perfect time to go all in.