What Is the Difference Between Mother of the Bride Dresses & Mother of the Groom Dresses?


0:05 hi I'm Annie Lee head wedding planner a

0:07 daughter of design today I want to talk

0:09 about the difference between a mother of

0:11 the bride and mother of the groom dress

0:13 truthfully these days there's not much

0:15 of a difference there used to be an old

0:17 saying for the mother of the groom -

0:19 shut up shut up and wear beige but I

0:22 feel like that would be a horrible way

0:23 to start your in-law relationship so

0:25 don't say that

0:27 but I mean really just before the moms

0:30 go shopping maybe have them have a

0:32 conversation talk about style of dress

0:35 and also formality of dress like if

0:38 someone's going to wear a ball gown the

0:40 other mom shouldn't wear like a cocktail

0:42 dress it and the imbalance that way also

0:45 I love it when the moms kind of play off

0:48 the tones of the wedding color story

0:50 because if you think about the family

0:52 portraits and the big bridal party shot

0:54 it just looks so nice when everyone's

0:57 kind of stylized like a Ralph Lauren ad

0:59 everyone didn't just show up in those

1:01 clothes

1:01 it was very very carefully planned so if

1:05 you can have a hand in what the moms

1:07 wear that would be amazing I think you

1:09 really just have the moms coordinate and

1:13 they can you know go shopping and

1:16 hopefully show you a picture of what

1:18 they found before they purchase it if

1:19 your relationship is good enough with

1:21 both women but again not really much of

1:25 a difference other than who's wearing it

1:27 so I hope these tips help my name is

1:29 Annie from daughter of design and thanks

1:31 for watching

1:37 you