What Does Waist Mean on Jeans?


0:05 everyone my name is si and I'm here at

0:08 Johnson's boutique in Brooklyn New York

0:09 for fabulous curry fashionistas and

0:11 today I am showing you on what a

0:14 waistline is on your jeans and we have

0:16 the wonderful model anula hair who is

0:19 covering her waistline but just in a

0:20 second here she's gonna show you where

0:22 your waistline is and this is an example

0:25 of your waistline where you see the Jean

0:27 elastic at the top that's your waistline

0:29 this is an example of a lower waist line

0:33 Jean you can do high waist that usually

0:36 is a little bit in your above your belly

0:38 and regular waist would be right at your

0:41 belly button area where your Jean says

0:43 sit when it comes to your waistline you

0:45 always want to make sure you know it and

0:47 you have a proper measurement of it

0:49 using a measuring tape so you know how

0:51 to properly fit your jeans and there's

0:53 no gapping and also depending on the

0:56 type of body type you have some waist

0:57 lines that are higher or better for

0:59 hourglass lower or better for all

1:03 different body types so this is an

1:04 example of a great Jean for a Nuala it's

1:08 low waist but it looks really good so

1:10 for more information on your waistline

1:12 and how to properly figure out which

1:14 waistline is yours you can come to me

1:16 assay at my blog mind of a curvy girl

1:24 you