What Class Can You Take in High School to Become a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning is a popular field in which you have the potential to make good money and be your own boss. Many people are drawn to the flexibility and creativity involved in being a wedding planner. A wedding planner's success depends largely on his skill and reputation. If you're a high school student who is interested in this career field, there are several courses you should take.

Art and Design

Take art and design classes at your high school. Learn how colors work together or against each other. Work on your sketching abilities. Many brides expect their planners to be able to advise them on a host of artistic areas--including the bride's dress, the wedding party's attire and the decoration of the areas in which the wedding and reception are held. Artistic skills also become valuable in terms of creating advertisements for your business.


Enroll yourself in business classes. Learn how to budget and keep accurate records. Acquire skills in organization. Learn about starting and operating a self-run small business. If you want to be in business for yourself, you'll need to know how to budget your business, taking into consideration concepts such as taxes, insurance and overhead (if you're going to rent an office space). You'll also need to acquire a business license for your area. You also may be expected to help the bride and groom prepare and follow a budget for their wedding expenses.


Make sure you acquire some computer credits in high school. An effective wedding planner can use the computer as a highly valuable tool. You can conduct research for your business online. You also can use the Internet to make and maintain business networking connections with individuals who offer related services such as caterers, DJs and florists. You should be able to use a spreadsheet program for your personal business finances, as well as for helping the bride and groom with their financial plans. You can use graphic design programs to create business cards, fliers and newspaper advertisements to promote your business. You also can use your computer to create and keep business documents and records.