How to Host a Mary Kay Party

You have decided to host a Mary Kay party and now you are wondering what you have gotten yourself into. There is no need to worry, whether it is a Mary Kay facial or a Mary Kay makeover for you and your friends, it will involve little planning, lots of fun and some hostess gifts for you.

Select a date and time that you can commit to hosting your Mary Kay party.

Clarify any questions you have about the hostess program that your Independent Beauty Consultant is working with. Some consultants give gifts to their hostess, while others give discounts on product. Be clear on what you will receive as the hostess of a Mary Kay facial or makeover.

Make an invite list and include everyone. Over invite guests to guarantee that you have at least the number you need. Be sure to invite six or seven guest if you need three to attend and invite twenty if you need ten guests to attend.

Set aside a time to give your consultant the invite information for your guests or to invite them yourself. Who is sending out the invites is a decision that you will need to make with your consultant, but remember it is her job and could save you a lot of effort.

Track RSVP responses as they come in for your Mary Kay party.

Return calls or emails that your consultant may send. She wants your Mary Kay party to be a success and is probably looking to speak with you to confirm some aspect of your party.

Prepare a clean area for your Mary Kay party with a space to put everything on and a seat for everyone. Often a kitchen table works best and provides access to a sink as needed.

Prepare any food or beverages you plan to serve after your Mary Kay party. This is not necessary, but some women enjoy relaxing after their facials.

Relax and have fun.