What Are Seasonal Colors for a July Wedding?

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Choosing a color scheme for a wedding can flow from the couple's personal style, seasonal flowers and scenery, the wedding venue and holidays. Seasonal color schemes for July weddings can include patriotic colors, the shades of a summer sunset, the seaside, a colorful summer harvest, the mountains, or gardens in bloom. Bright or cool colors work for July weddings, including shades of green, cornflower blue, oranges, pale yellow or pink, red, aqua, or purple.

Fruit Colors

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Because July is at the heart of the summer harvest season, wedding colors can be inspired by the subtle or deep colors of the season's ripe fruits. Blueberries or concord grapes, peaches, cherries or strawberries, melons, kiwis and kumquats, or the bright, citrus-inspired shades of orange, lime green and yellow lend bright colors to a July wedding . Cooler colors include the pale yellows of bananas, the muted orange of cut cantaloupes, or the shades of pale green seedless grapes.

Seaside Colors

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July is a good month for a beach-themed wedding. Colors influenced by the seaside range from pale to deep blues, white, coral and neutral shades of sand. A tropical beach theme can include shades of aquamarine, fuchsia, coral, deep turquoise, orchid, reds, greens and tropical flowers, small seashells and palm fronds are appropriate additions to tabletop floral arrangements, boutonnieres and bridal party bouquets.

Patriotic Colors

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Fourth of July weddings need not be overwhelmed by the American flag to be patriotic. Using an assortment of red, white and blue prints or solids in the decor, table settings, flowers and bridal party clothing will pay tribute to the holiday. Red roses are in full bloom during the summer. The bride can add a navy or red sash to a summery, flowing bridal gown, or bridesmaids' gowns or bouquets can be of red or blue flowers.

Sunset Colors

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Summer sunsets can radiate both vibrant and subtle color shades. A mixture of gold, champagne, orange, peach, red and ivory hues will add the warmth of a desert, mountain or beach sunset to an outdoor wedding. Blending different shades of the same color can add drama to a wedding's color theme. A hint of the blue sky would add to the July theme by adding cornflowers, violets or pale-blue delphiniums to bouquets, table arrangements and boutonnieres.

Nature Colors

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A couple could use the lush, green plants of summer as the theme of a July wedding. Different hues of green paired with pale yellows, pinks, blues or lavender will remind guests of a summer garden or woodland trail. Using brighter colors along with the greens can create the sense of celebrating the wedding in a wildflower-filled meadow. Using deeper shades of green with bright colors and whites can create a rain forest-like atmosphere.