Welcome Gifts for Church Visitors

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One of the primary goals of churches is to expand their membership so they can spread their message around the world. Many churches use gifts as a way to make visitors feel more welcome. The gifts serve an additional purpose of making visitors feel special enough that they'll want to return to services another time.

Welcome Packets

A welcome packet should include information about the church, what Bible classes are offered and when, as well as the times and days services are held. Make the packet feel more like a gift by including a few coupons such as a free ice cream cone from a local shop or a gift card for a free religious song download. Make the gifts redeemable only through your church's website as another way to encourage the visitor to return. This also allows the church to gather contact information about the visitors so you can follow-up and invite them to come again.

Advertisement Gifts

Offer visitors at your church a gift that includes your church information. You can add the name and contact information of your church on calendars, magnets, coffee mugs, notepads and bookmarks. These kinds of gifts provide an easy way for visitors to get more information about your ministry so they can return in the future. You might add a Bible verse to make the gift even more meaningful.


A small Bible is a classic gift that welcomes visitors to your church; more importantly, it sends them home with a reference to the church's teachings. You might give a book that ties in with a sermon series your church is presenting. Devotionals, prayer books or religious fiction books make good welcome gifts, as well.

Gifts for Children

Giving children a gift to welcome them to Sunday School or an educational class might motivate the entire family to return. A child's Bible or devotional book would be an appropriate gift. Religious coloring books with crayons or religious-themed bookmarks are additional ideas for gifts that many children would enjoy receiving. Religious stickers or a music CD with children's songs from your church might also be useful gifts for the child visitors in your church.