Calories in Vegetable Mei Fun

Stir fry noodles

Vladislav Nosick/iStock/Getty Images

Vegetable mei fun, a common dish at Chinese restaurants, contains rice vermicelli noodles or rice sticks that are cooked and combined with stir-fried vegetables. Because of the noodles, the majority of the calories in this dish come from carbohydrates.


A 1-cup serving of vegetable mei fun contains 250 calories. This number may vary based on the vegetables used in your stir fry, the amount of added fat, as well as the vegetable-to-noodle ratio in a serving.


A 1-cup portion of vegetable mei fun contains 13 g of carbohydrate, 1 g of which is fiber.


A 1-cup serving of vegetable mei fun provides you with 13 g of protein. The Institute of Medicine recommends that you consume 46 to 56 g of protein each day for optimal health. The protein content can be increased by adding chicken, beef or pork to the mei fun recipe, but this will also increase calories.


A 1-cup serving of vegetable mei fun contains about 1 percent of the calcium and iron you need daily.