How to Wear Scarves With Clothes

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wrapped, tied, looped or draped, a single scarf has the grace to cover, the warmth to comfort and the style to upgrade your outfit to the next level of sophistication. Break out of your scarf-styling rut and join the ranks of yesterday's fashion icons and today's celebrities who know the secret to wearing this versatile accessory with just the right articles of clothing.

Corporate Classy

Add color to your neutral-colored work wear with a lightweight, colorful scarf. A square scarf takes a collared shirt from bland to grand when you roll it lengthwise, wrap it once around your neck and tie with a knot on the side. Steal a gentleman's look and make an ascot by wrapping the scarf twice around your neck, securing with a front knot and tucking it into your button-down shirt. Leave your top two or three buttons unbuttoned to let your scarf show. Line a blazer or jacket with an oblong scarf by wrapping the scarf around the back of your neck, allowing both ends of the scarf to hang loosely in front before buttoning your blazer over the scarf. Allow your scarf to show along the sides of the blazer just before the first button.

Evening Glamour

A sleeveless cocktail dress or evening gown looks glamorous across the seasons but can reveal goosebumps in cooler conditions. Solve this fashion dilemma with a large, oblong scarf draped loosely over your shoulders like a shawl. For extra coverage, drape an oversize wrap twice around your upper body. In warmer weather, adorn your little black dress with a sequin or metallic skinny scarf or sash. Loosely knot it 10 to 15 inches from your neckline or leave it hanging loosely to your sides.

Sassy Sweaters

A solid color jewel-neck sweater or tee is like a blank canvas for beautiful scarves. When wearing these basic wardrobe builders, create a variety of looks with nearly any type of scarf. Wear a long, skinny scarf in a thin fabric as a statement necklace by creating several knots in a row before securing at the nape of your neck. Beginning at the front, wrap an oblong scarf around your neck, bring both ends to the front again, and pulling one end through the other at the front. Or, opt for a western look and fold a square scarf diagonally, tying it at the back of your neck, handkerchief style. Experiment with new scarf-tying techniques available on clothing websites and often pictured on tags attached to new scarves.

Belted Glory

If you think scarves can only decorate your wardrobe from the neck up, think again. Define your waist with a skinny or oblong scarf as a sash around a basic sheath or shirt dress. For more casual wear, forego your usual belts and dress up your jeans with a scarf instead. Tie a bow or knot to the side or front of your waistline according to your preference.