What to Wear for Modeling Headshots for a Teen

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Your teen's modeling portfolio gives the agency and fashion editors an idea of her look, personality and attitude. Head shot photographs are close-up views of the face. However, what your teen wears is still important to enhance her facial features and change the look and feel of the head shot.

Minimal Look

Many modeling agencies require a teen model who looks fresh faced to portray the innocence and inexperience of youth. Wearing too much makeup or clothing that is bright and distracting can ruin head shot photographs. Guide your teen to make a portfolio of a minimal look by wearing very little or natural-looking makeup, pulling the hair back completely or leaving it in a sleek or natural style. Younger teens should not wear any makeup at all. For a minimal look, your teen can wear a solid color top with a simple neckline, preferably in black or white.

Contrasting Look

Bold blouses and tops can frame the neck and collarbones or contrast the face to make a visually stunning head shot photograph. Your teen can wear a black or white turtleneck sweater that contrasts her skin in a full-color or black and white photograph. A bright boat neck top makes shoulders seem wider, while a high collar enhances facial features.

Statement Pieces

Large jewelry and bright clothing can give head shot photographs a more fun and energetic appeal. Your teen can wear statement accessories that express her personality and style. These can include large, creative earrings, chunky necklaces or shirts with necklines embellished with gems and stones. Older teens can wear brightly colored makeup, such as pink lipstick for a summery look.

Dramatic Portfolio

High-fashion magazines often use artistic and theatrical imagery with models dressed in detailed costumes. Your teen can include dramatic head shots in her portfolio by wearing period outfits, hats and jewelry. These include high, frilly collars, wide-brim hats and 1920s era headbands. Ensure that your teen's makeup is also dramatic and in style with the look of her outfit.