Types of Fake Eyelashes

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Have you always wanted those thick and lush come-hither eyelashes that grace cosmetic ads in every fashion magazine? For some, the solution is as simple as using an eyelash curler and applying their favorite mascara. For others, they may have to enlist the aid of false eyelashes in order fulfill the desire for full lashes.

Eyelashes on Strips

Eyelashes on a strip are very popular for users who are trying false eyelashes for the first time or do not have a steady enough hand to apply individual lashes. This option also caters to users who have little or no eyelashes at all. Strip eyelashes are usually made with synthetic fibers and require lash adhesive for application. Although strip lashes give off an artificial look due to their shine, they are the easiest of all the options to apply and remove.

Flare and Natural Individual Lashes

Individual eyelashes are available for those who want to achieve the most natural look possible without having eyelashes surgically implanted onto the eyelids. These lashes come in two forms: knotted or flare -- a five-to-eight lash cluster connected by a knot; or knot-free or naturals -- multiple lashes glued together at the ends. Both flare and naturals require lash adhesive and tweezers to apply them. They are usually applied at the lash line to sparse or thin areas of the lashes. Individual lashes are more difficult to remove than strip lashes, with naturals having less adhesive time as they are not knotted and give less support.

Three-Quarter Eyelashes

Three-quarter lashes are strip lashes that cover only a portion of the lash line, specifically the outer corner of the eye. These lashes are used to achieve a more dramatic effect of the eyes and are usually curled. Three-quarter lashes are usually recognized by their crisscross pattern.

Lower Lid Eyelashes

Although they're not worn often, lower lid eyelash strips are available. They are usually applied to the lower lash line underneath the lashes. Many people opt not to wear them because they have very thin lower eyelashes and fear getting adhesive in their eyes.