How to: Makeup for Freckled Complexions

FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

You may covet a porcelain complexion, but freckles make your face unique -- not to mention youthful. Whether you have a healthy smattering of spots or just a few, freckles lend a summer sun-kissed look while cleverly providing natural camouflage, letting blemishes and spots blend in. Don’t hide your dots -- play them up with pride while evening out the rest of your skin; you'll be left with a look that's adorably chic.

Step 1

Swap out full-coverage foundation for a lighter base. Full-coverage foundation will hide your freckles and medium-coverage formulas could make your freckled skin look muddy and uneven. Use a tinted moisturizer or try a BB cream, which provides sheer coverage with a hint of color, hydration, sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients. Dab it on lightly to even out skin tone while allowing your freckles to show through.

Step 2

Choose the right color concealer. Hide blemishes or undereye circles with a concealer that blends well with your skin tone. Choose a hue that's one to two shades lighter, but avoid using a shade that's too pale; it will stand out and fail to harmonize with the rest of your facial tones.

Step 3

Apply a blush in peachy pink or coral. These lighter-toned hues will bring out the color of freckles without obscuring or competing with them. Avoid blush or bronzer that matches the color of your freckles, like copper or brown, which can make skin with freckles look blotchy and uneven.

Step 4

Absorb excess oil with a mattifying powder. Sweep powder over oil-prone areas like your t-zone, forehead and chin. Look for formulas with a slight purple tint to help counteract redness while leaving freckles intact.

Step 5

Perfect skin with a highlighting powder or cream. A sheer highlighter contains ingredients that reflect and refract light to create an even, flattering finish. Sweep highlighter across the tops of cheekbones, along the browbones and on the bridge of the nose to create a dewy sheen that highlights your high points and imparts a radiant glow.

Step 6

Slather on moisturizer with sunblock. Every good skin regimen should include applying sunblock daily with an SPF of 30 or higher. Switch to a moisturizer with an SPF of 55 or more in summer months to prevent the proliferation of freckles and keep existing dots from getting darker.