Tissot T-Touch Instructions

hand watch image by Rade Cojbasic from Fotolia.com

The Tissot T-Touch is a Swiss watch designed with touch-screen technology. By touching the glass, you can access many of the watch's functions such as weather indicator, altimeter, chronograph, compass, alarm and thermometer. Knowing the basic instructions will give you access to the key functions and much more.

Access the functions by touching the glass in the center of the dial. The Tissot symbol will flash on the digital display. This will give you 15 seconds to select one of the functions. The functions are displayed by corresponding symbols around the dial. Touch one of the touch-sensitive areas of the glass to activate the desired function.

Set the time. Activate the glass by touching it. Press and hold the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols to move the hands forward or backward. After a full revolution, the minute hand stops and the hour hand will advance or reverse in one hour increments until the correct time appears.

Set the date. Activate the glass by pressing the “date” display in the center of the dial. Activate the setting mode on the side of the dial and press plus (+) or minus (-) to move the days forward or backward. When the date is correct, validate the settings by pressing the center of the dial.

Synchronize the watch. Check the analog time against the digital time. If the watch hands do not display the same time as the digital display, the watch needs to be synchronized. To access the synchronization mode, the glass must be activated. Once activated, select the synchronization setting at the three o'clock position on the outside of the dial. Position the hour hand at noon by pressing plus (+) or minus (-). Validate the setting by pressing the center of the dial. Then position the minute hand at noon. Validate the setting again by pressing the center of the dial.

Set the alarms, if needed. Activate the glass and select alarm 1 or 2 from the alarm display. There are two alarms that are associated with the time. Each must be set separately. Press the activate button (at three o'clock on the dial), then press the setting mode (at two o'clock on the dial). Move the time forward (+) or backward (-) to your desired time. Then, validate your settings by pressing the activate button again.