Things to Do During a Graduation Ceremony

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The bigger your graduating class, the longer your graduation ceremony is going to be. Your turn to walk across the stage and receive your hard-earned diploma is exciting, as is watching your friends do the same. But the long graduation program can be tedious. You should be polite and respectful to everyone graduating with you, but you might want to find a way to keep yourself entertained.

Bring an MP3 Player

A portable MP3 player or video player is a great way to make time pass quicker during long graduation ceremonies. Listen to it at a low volume with only one head phone so that you can still hear what is going on around you. You don't want to miss your turn to walk.

Play Cards or Other Games

If you are seated next to a friend, playing simple, quiet card games can help pass the time as well. Bring a pen and some paper to play simple games like Hangman or Tic Tac Toe. Whatever you choose to play, make sure you are quiet so you do not disrupt the ceremony.

Listen to Speeches

Many graduation ceremonies, especially for university, hire a successful or well-known speaker. Listen carefully to the speech this person gives. She may say something of value to you now or in the future. Listen to your valedictorian's speech as well, and any other student speeches. If it were you, you would want the entire audience to be attentive, so show speakers the same respect.

Read the Program

When you walk into your ceremony, you will be handed a program with a schedule of proceedings and list of graduates. Graduation programs usually appear very boring at the outset, but reading over it, especially scanning for typos and errors or reading names of students you do not know, can help the ceremony pass faster. You can also use the pages to write notes or play games with the person sitting next to you.

Hand-Held Games

Hand-held gaming devices or your cellphone can keep you entertained during a graduation ceremony. Make sure you either have headphones or set the device on silent so you do not disrupt anyone sitting near you.