Theme Park Ride Ideas

Ryan McVay/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Perhaps you are pitching an idea for a new theme ride at an existing amusement park or maybe you need to come up with plans for a class on construction, design or creativity. In any case, many different types of theme park rides exist.

Adult Rides

Thrill-seeking adults enjoy rollercoasters that go upside down or that require riders to stand up the entire time. Water rides that reach great heights and splash down are another option. Not all adults want heart-pounding adventures, however. Consider a haunted house, adult-sized bumper cars, a safari or a cart that takes riders through a tour of history. Rides based off of movies are another popular idea.

Childrens Rides

For youngsters, design little cars, boats or trains that they can ride by themselves. Child-sized rollercoasters and water rides, such as a small log flume, provide entertaining opportunities. Consider a Ferris wheel where carts do not go up too high, and that also has room for parents to sit with the smallest of children. Other ideas include traditional quarter rides, bumper boats, bumper cars and swings that fly through the air.

Presenting Ideas for Creation

Once you have an idea for creation, you must network with professionals in the industry to have it become a reality. Join the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) or the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). Attend meetings and conferences to form connections with business professionals and pitch the well-developed ideas that you have. Visit online message boards and forums to talk to other individuals to see how they became successful in the field and to harvest tips.

Testing for Safety

Once you are with an established business and your ride is ready for testing, someone in the company will have to contact local and/or state public officials. Contact the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions to find officials, but also to be made aware of safety workshops. These workshops provide guests with information regarding up-to-date safety regulations as well as techniques to enforce safety.