The Pixie Cut

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The pixie cut first made headlines in the 1960s, but as time goes on, it’s clear that this bold look is here to stay. Slightly boyish yet all-around sexy, a cropped short cut on a beautiful woman exudes confidence and commands attention. Celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Tyler Colton picks his favorite looks from the red carpet and beyond to show us that less hair can often mean more impact. Get inspired by these sassy stars who love the low-maintenance lifestyle of sleek, cropped hair.

Model Agyness Deyn

Agyness is known for her dramatic style and cutting-edge fashion, so naturally her hair would make a bold statement too. Colton is all about risks. He explains, “This cut isn’t for everyone but if you’re up for a bold color and cut this is the way to go. Instead of soft lines this cut gives you hard edges and strong graphic shapes. A bold color takes this cut to the next level making it totally fashion forward and modern. Be bold, take risks-- it’s only hair!”

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Model Erin O'Connor

Erin creates a fantastic way to make a short cut look chic and modern. Here she styles her cropped cut up and away from her face adding drama with bold eyes and red lips that match the exciting pops of red in her jacket and oversized clutch. “Just because you have short hair it doesn’t mean you are limited with styling options--you actually have more! Trying using a volumizing mouse or root lift to create this style. Finish with a strong hold spray to lock style into place. But don’t go overboard on the spray. Keep it soft with movement at all times,” says Colton.

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Actress Eva Pigford

Eva pulls off super short hair that still manages to be feminine and sexy. Colton warns that this look is not for most people – but if you want to go very short here are some tips from the pro that will help you look your best: “Be sure to personalize the cut so that it fits your facial features. This might be simply leaving a little longer fringe here and there or extra length around the perimeter so that you have pieces to add softness.”

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Actress Carey Mulligan

It's official, Carey is stunning as a brunette and as a blonde! Her golden locks are perfectly highlighted and this short do is a great choice for fine hair. “Remember that for a short cut to look amazing most of the cutting should be done once the hair is dry. Your stylist should look at the shape of the cut while your hair is dry and decide how much texture or movement they want to add to the cut based on your hair’s texture. This is a very wearable cut for most people. It’s short without being too short,” comments Colton.

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Actress Emma Watson

No longer a little girl, Emma proved her style sensibilities with a dramatic short cut that sets her apart from her movie character. The pixie cut alone actually transforms her into fresh, sexy young woman. “If you have always wanted to cut off your hair and have been too scared, take a lesson from Emma and go for it! It’s only hair and it will grow back. You may find your new cut sets the real you free from all of that hair you have been holding on to for years, so go for it!” enthuses Colton.

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Singer Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s glamorous style is perfectly accented with this edgy cropped cut. To get similar impact, leave the front long and the sides short and close, to work with natural texture. To keep the look fresh and modern, use a flat iron to smooth the top pieces, but keep everything else natural.

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Actress Halle Berry

One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Halle owes much of her signature style to her iconic pixie cut. “This cut is shorter around the front hairline helps to frame her face and show off her high cheek bones. The caramel highlights play a big factor in helping to soften this spiky style,” says Colton.

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Actress Michelle Williams

Michelle pulls off a pixie cut with perfection. With a square jawline and big expressive eyes, the actress wisely went with a hairstyle that enhances these standout features. Colton suggests not stopping at a simple haircut, but adding color too! “The color helps give this short cut that extra something special. One of the biggest factors of whether a short cut will look good versus unforgettable is color! If you’re going short try to change your color to something as bold as the cut. They usually go hand in hand. Short hair and natural hair color usually do not work well together; you come off looking too tomboy; or worse-- uninteresting!” says Colton.

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Actress Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer took her pixie cut to the next level with rocker-inspired styling, rarely seen on red carpets. Side swept fringe on top and shaved sides make for an unbelievably bold look that exudes killer confidence.

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