The Best Things to Make for Valentine's Day

Sometimes the best Valentine's Day gifts are the ones you make yourself, and those gifts do not always need to be something that your beloved can put in his hands. The effort put into creating the perfect Valentine's Day gift is rewarded when your significant other shows his appreciation with a smile and a heart-felt thank you.

Make a Card

It sounds like something you would do in third grade, but there are many elaborate designs of cards you could make for Valentine's Day that would take hours to make and cannot be bought in a card store anywhere. If your plan was to give your Valentine a card and a gift of flowers or candy, then you would be better served by putting in the time to make an elaborate hand-made card rather than buying one. Cut out heart designs in multiple colors such as pink, red and white, and then glue them to the cover of a card. Incorporate white lace into the card, and take the time to truly create a personalized Valentine's Day card. If you are unhappy with the quality of your handwriting, then create the message on a computer, print it out, and make it part of your card. There is more to hand-made Valentine's Day cards than glitter and a red crayon. Use your creativity and put some quality time into your creation.

You may want to follow up your hand-made card with a card on the Internet as well. Sending both types of cards allows your Valentine to see that you are thinking enough of them to make a card, and to send one to their email as well. An Internet card just adds another level of gift giving to Valentine's Day.

Make Their Life Easier for One Day

This is usually something people reserve for Mother's Day or Father's Day, but when you and your significant other do not have any children, then Valentine's Day becomes the perfect day to make their life easier. Pamper them by telling them that you will bring them their meals all day, do all of their normal chores, and then end the day with a romantic dinner by candlelight either in the home or at a restaurant.

Bake a Valentine

You can get creative with baking to make your Valentine a very special gift. Buy a set of one dozen wooden dowels like the kind that would be used to make candy apples, and then bake a batch of your Valentine's favorite cookies. Put a cookie on each dowel, put them in a box or vase dressed up for Valentine's Day with red and white gift paper, and then give that as a Valentine's Day gift. This is just one idea for using baked goods to make a Valentine's Day gift. Use your imagination to come up with ideas that apply to your significant other's favorite sweet treat.