The Best Baptism Gifts

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If you are invited to a baptism, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift for the individual being baptized. There are a variety of gifts that can be given. The best baptism gifts are personalized and sentimental. Religious and practical are also good. Cash is always an option, but there are some variations to the traditional cash gifts that are always appreciated.

Religious Gifts

Baptism is the period in a Christian’s life when the formal relationship between God, Jesus and the person being baptized is initially formed. For this reason, religious gifts are the best gifts to give to the baby, or family of the baby, being baptized. If you’re familiar with the family’s religious affiliation, there are thousands of gifts you can give with a wide range of prices. Some popular religious gift items are baby’s first Bibles, jewelry adorned with a crucifix, rosary beads, and music boxes adorned with angels or with a any religious inscription.

Personalized and Sentimental Gifts

The range of baptismal gifts that can be personalized is huge. Almost anything can be personalized with the baby’s name and baptismal date. Some of the most popular gift ideas are keepsakes such as plaques, sterling silver baby rattles, bibs, picture frames, baby blankets and jewelry.

Practical Gifts

If you are unfamiliar with the family’s religious affiliation you may want to offer a generic gift which is practical. Some examples of acceptable generic gifts are a picture frame, a pewter mug or sippy cup, a silver baby spoon and cup set, a photo album, a white baby blanket, or a classically styled jewelry or trinket box. Stick with silver and white where appropriate since white is said to symbolize purity. Baby clothes and toys should not be given at baptisms unless they are embellished with something that is related to the event. Save cute clothing and toys for baby showers, birthdays and Christmas.

Money, Gift Cards, Savings Bonds

Money is easy to give. You can buy a beautiful greeting card and place either cash or a check into the card. Give what you can afford. People like receiving cash, but as a baptism gift it may not be appropriate. The parents may appreciate it, but there’s not much meaning to it for the baby. Giving cash fulfills your gift-giving obligation but doesn’t show that you put much thought into the gift. Savings bonds are great gifts. They mature slowly and sort of force savings since the longer you take to cash them, the more you’ll receive. If the bonds are collected and saved until the child is a teenager the child will have a great appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the gifts.