Teen Birthday Party Crafts

tie-dyed shirts image by Jim Parkin from Fotolia.com

Keep kids busy at a teen birthday party with craft projects. It is essential to come up with more challenging crafts than those you would plan for children, so that teens will feel stimulated and engaged. Teens will be most interested in "hip" crafts that relate to their personal styles and interests.

Trinket Box

Plan a trinket box project for a sleep-over birthday party, as the box needs time to dry. Provide a stack of popular teen magazines, such as Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Spin, and give each kid a cardboard craft box. Once they've cut out images and words that appeal to them, they can affix the imagery to the box using decoupage medium. After they are finished gluing, instruct the teens to varnish their boxes and protect their designs by painting over them with the decoupage medium. Leave the boxes to dry overnight.

Tie Dye

A little tie dye makes for a fun and colorful teen birthday party. Invite each guest to bring a plain T-shirt to tie dye. Set up a dyeing station, preferably outside where they can get a little messy; along with pans and squeeze bottles of dye, and rubber bands. Follow the dye manufacturer’s instructions for preparing the dye. Have the kids prepare the shirts by twisting, scrunching and pleating them, and secure them with rubber bands. Let the teens have fun dipping and squirting their shirts; inform them that it is best to start with light colors. Rinse the shirts then hand wash using a dye fix; toss them in the dryer to finish.

Painted Beads

Add a creative component to beading by having party guests hand-paint their own beads for bracelets and necklaces. Unfinished wood beads are available from craft suppliers, as are craft paints, other beads, beading cord, scissors and artist paintbrushes. Teens might feel inspired to paint words, symbols, patterns or imagery on their beads. When they're done, the teens can exchange painted beads so they all have bracelets or necklaces made of beads created by each friend. You can also include charms, trinkets and other types of beads so they can add other elements to their hand-painted jewelry.