Tea Party Name Tag Ideas

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China cups and saucers, sweet treats and elaborate table settings characterize the best tea parties, whether for children or adults. What's even better is connecting with old friends and making new ones, and for that, name tags make a difference, because personal connections happen more easily when you know someone's name. Use tea party-themed name tags for a friendly and instantaneous way to make all of your guests feel welcome.

Tea Pots and Cups

Name tags shaped like tea cups or tea pots fit perfectly for a tea party. Ask guests to decorate their name tags with graphic designs, flowers or pastoral scenes; provide colored pencils, markers and stickers, or for a more involved activity, glue sticks, sparkles, bits of ribbon and sequins. To save time at the party, make name tags ahead of time by gluing pictures of cups and pots onto heavy stock paper and writing on names with a thick black marker so that they show up clearly.

The Party Theme

The colors, flowers or food you use at the party can also serve as the name tag motif. If you plan to use roses or sunflowers, cut name tags in those shapes; if strawberry tarts are on the menu, use a large strawberry for a name tag. Or, glue a safety pin on the back on a plastic teaspoon that you've wrapped with ribbon and tied with a bow -- write each attendee's name on a scrap of paper glued to the bowl of the spoon.

Tea Itself

Name tags using real tea as their theme work when you want to highlight different varieties that you plan to serve at the party. Make tea-themed name tags by spreading glue around the outer edges of any store-bought name tag, and sprinkle loose tea leaves over the glue. If you have enough tea boxes, cut out the labels and turn them into tags by slipping them into plastic sleeves and leaving a blank space in the middle of the tag for guests to write their names.

Wonderland Tea Party Tags

An "Alice in Wonderland" tea party cries out for name tags with the same theme. Create tags in the shape of the Mad Hatter's hat, the Cheshire cat's smile or heart-, spade-, club- or diamond-shaped symbols. Or use actual playing cards for the name tags, glued on heavy stock paper with a bit of white paper glued to the center of each card where guests can write her name.