Sweet Questions for Your Girlfriend

by Kristen Moutria

A relationship should be a source of fun, comfort and inspiration for both men and women. Communicating with your girlfriend is a basic part of your dating relationship, and there is no better way to communicate than to ask her questions and pay attention to her responses. If you want to have a little fun in your relationship and make your girlfriend happy, there are a few sweet questions you can ask her that will make her day and deepen your relationship.

Who Is Important In Your Life?

Asking your girlfriend who is important in her life is a sweet question to ask her because it will show her you care about who she cares about and want to know more about who she loves. If she is crazy about her dad, for example, you can ask her what about him she admires and respects. Her answer will reveal a lot about who she is and give you the opportunity to ask more questions.

What Is Your Goal At The End Of Every Day?

Your girlfriend's goal at the end of every day will demonstrate to you what kind of a person she is. If she wants to make the people around her feel happy and at peace, she is deeply sensitive and interested in the well-being of others. If she wants to feel accomplished and get a certain amount of tasks done, she is determined and set on fulfilling her goals. Asking her this question is a great way to find out about her priorities.

What Is Your Deepest Passion?

This is one of the most profound questions you can ask your girlfriend. Her deepest passion will show you what she values above all else. It may be a deep religious conviction, the protection of animals or the conservation of the environment. When you ask her this question, your girlfriend will see that you care about what she loves and desire to delve deeper into what she is truly passionate about.

What Is Your Biggest Regret?

Your girlfriend's biggest regret will show you how she has grown and matured since making a decision she now regrets. This may be a wonderful opportunity for her to express herself and get rid of negative feelings by letting you know about them. Encourage her that it is never too late to have a new beginning, and that she is beautiful and capable of doing whatever it is she desires in her heart.

How Do You Make A Difference In Other People's Lives?

Asking your girlfriend this question gives you the chance to see how beautiful her spirit is. She will love the question because it shows her that you consider her capable of making a change in the lives of ordinary people who need a loving heart and a giving spirit. Listen carefully to her response and let her know that you appreciate anything she does for others, and that she makes a big difference in your own life.

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