How to Be Supportive of a Deployed Husband

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As a military wife, you can expect your husband to be away from home for months at a time. While you will probably have access to family and social support during the deployment, your husband will need support as well. There is comfort in maintaining contact with family while serving in harm's way. In fact, staying in contact helps decrease the difficulty of a deployment, according to the Center for Deployment Psychology.

Step 1

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Gather all information related to contacting your deployed husband before he leaves. This includes any special e-mail accounts and mailing addresses you will need. There may be some limitations based on his deployed location and operation security, so don't assume you can just call his unit at any time to be given the contact information.Once you have the information, try to establish a regular routine of contact, such as phone calls.

Step 2

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Write letters of support during the deployment. Although you may express sadness about his deployment, try to keep the letters positive and encouraging. If you have kids, have them write letters as well. If possible, send the first letter ahead of time to his deployed location's mailing address so it will be waiting upon his arrival.

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Establish face-to-face video chat contact, when possible. Since body language is such a big part of effective communication, seeing your spouse through video chat can help assure your deployed husband that all is well at home, and that he is loved and missed. Utilize this feature if you can, but understand that time may be limited due to mission requirements.

Step 4

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Send care packages monthly. Include some of the basic toiletries, pictures and your husband's favorite snacks, if they are allowed. It can take a few weeks for packages to arrive and deployed locations often have limited personal storage space, so consider that when you send items. Care packages give your deployed husband reminders of home and your support and help make his deployment a bit more comfortable as they boost his morale.

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