How to Set a Nixon Channel Tide Watch

by David Hicks ; Updated September 28, 2017

Setting a Nixon watch may seem complicated, but isn't.

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The Nixon brand, founded in 1997, focuses on high-end watches and other accessories designed for athletes, musicians and other style-conscious people. The Nixon Channel Tide watch is designed with surfboarding and other water sports in mind, and provides a tide-tracking feature as a part of the watch. Setting the watch is not difficult, but requires care and closely following the instructions.

Unscrew the crown of the watch (if needed - some models do not require this), then pull the crown outward gently until it can no longer be pulled. This is position 3.

Rotate the crown clockwise in this position to advance the time. After the time is set, push the crown inwards until it clicks once. This is position 2.

Turn the crown clockwise in position 2 to adjust the date forward. After you have set the date, return the crown to the original closed position (screwing it in if needed).

Consult the internet or a local surf shop for the local tide information. This will be important to set the initial local tide in your watch. Once you have this information, move to Step 5.

Press and hold the TIDE button for three seconds. The TIDE button will be the button above the crown, near the two o'clock pointer on the watch face. After it beeps, release it. Push the button a second time to adjust the tide on the watch face. Once it has reached the proper setting, release the button and the tide will be set.

Consult the internet for your local moon phase information. Once you have this information, move to Step 7.

Press and hold the MOON button for three seconds. This button is underneath the crown on the watch face, near the 4 o'clock pointer on the watch face. After it beeps, release it. Push the button again to adjust the moon phase. Once the phase is set correctly, releasing the button will set the moon phase.


  • Make sure to consult your user manual if you have any questions, as they will include diagrams to help you determine how to adjust your watch.

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