How Can I Get Over the Loneliness While My Husband Is Away?

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The absence of a husband for any amount of time can cause a wife to suffer loneliness. Whether he is away for only a few hours or for several years, you can do many things to make the time apart more bearable. Relieve your sense of longing by finding creative ways to maintain a connection, enjoying an active social life and looking towards the future. Time apart can actually deepen the intimacy in a relationship instead of the other way around.

Find Ways to Stay Connected

Although you are physically separated you can both remain emotionally connected. Take advantage of whatever methods of communication are accessible to communicate, whether it be through phone calls, text messages, emails, video calls or written letters. If it is possible for him to send and receive packages, consider sending special gifts to each other. The possibilities of tokens to send are nearly limitless. Consider a recording of favorite songs burnt on a CD, a lock of hair, photocopied chapters of a book you are reading or an engraved piece of jewelry. You can also still enjoy gift exchanges for special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day and birthdays.

Keep a Journal

Both you and your husband can keep a journal during your time apart. Record daily events along with how they make you feel. Share excerpts from your writing in emails or during a call. Journals can also be exchanged and read when your husband returns home. This practice may continue even after the period of separation has ended. It is a great way to chart the progress of your relationship and can reward you with a deeper insight into your partner.

Enrich Your Social Life

The more socially involved you are, the less likely you will be to experience loneliness, asserts Gretchen Rubin, award-winning author of "The Happiness Project." Having a social life outside of your marriage is necessary and can be quite fulfilling, even if your husband is only away for a few hours at work each day. Make time for hobbies and activities that you find interesting. Join a club, volunteer or play a sport. Try not to back out of social gatherings. These activities will widen your social circle, making it easier for you to make friends.

Get the Support of Family and Friends

A lonely wife can benefit from her network of family and friends. Spending time with your loved ones can be a comfort, separate and apart from your other social activities. Arrange to have dinner once each week with your parents, siblings or grown children, attend play dates with young children, and schedule movie nights, games nights and sleepovers with your pals. These serve to provide some of the close human contact you are missing.

Make Plans for the Future

Discuss future plans for your marriage with your husband. Talk about the course that you would both like the relationship to take. These plans can be related to children, where you would like to live when he returns or ideas for a change in career. Looking ahead to the future gives each of you something to hope towards. It also implies that you will be reunited, someday.