Superhero Party Games for Kids

stokkete/iStock/Getty Images

A superhero party is a creative and exciting way to celebrate the birthday of your little crime fighter. Invite all his superhero friends to come over in costume and prepare for a day of masked fun. And don't think a superhero party is exclusive to boys. With characters like Supergirl, Wonder Woman and the Powerpuff Girls, girls have plenty of options. So get out your cape, pull on your tights and get ready for a birthday party full of games fit for any caped crusader.

Costume Contest

Instruct all your guests to come to the birthday party dressed in a superhero costume. Guests can choose to dress as their favorite characters or make up their own superhero alter ego. If adults are accompanying their children to the party, encourage them to dress in costume as well. It will add to the fun and get everyone into the spirit. Once everyone has arrived, have a costume contest with the birthday boy or girl as judge. Award prizes for most original, best adult costume and best all-around costume.

Missing Cake Caper

Oh no, the birthday cake has been stolen by an evil villain! Good thing you have a room full of superheroes to put on the case. Before the guests arrive, create a set of clues on note cards with instructions the superheroes have to follow to find the missing birthday cake. Each clue should lead the kids to a different part of the house, where another clue is waiting. The final clue should give them instructions on where they can find the missing birthday cake.

Superhero Training Course

Have your little superheroes show off their superpowers by competing in an obstacle course. Before the guests arrive, create an obstacle course using items from around the house such as jump ropes, hula hoops, chairs and pillows. Have the course include steps like throwing a ball into a cardboard box, jumping into and out of the center of a hula-hoop or walking in a straight line following a rope that is laid out. Time each child as he makes his way through the training course and award prizes to the first-, second- and third-place finishers.

Super Pinata Smash

Each child gets a chance to break a pinata using giant Hulk hands or Thor's hammer. Blindfold the child, spin her around a few times, then point her toward the pinata. To ensure safety, make sure everyone else stands clear of the superhero in action. Hulk hands slip onto a child's real hands, like gloves.