Suggestions for Family Photo Album Titles

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Photo albums are commonplace in the homes of many families. With all the different kinds of events and celebrations, these collections of images pile up, and labeling them all becomes essential. An album title should reflect the main theme of the photos inside so you can easily find the memories you want to relive.

Wedding & Anniversary

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You'll scarcely find a home without wedding pictures since it is such a momentous event for families. The title "Wedding & Anniversary" encompasses all matrimonial and annual experiences of both family and friends. If you want to make titles more specific concerning celebrations, many more can provide what you need. Try these for your album-naming task: Our Years Together, Our Silver Anniversary, Our Golden Anniversary, The Times We've Shared, Thanks for the Memories, The Way We Were and Through the Years. Mark your nuptial celebrations with one of these titles and enjoy the memories.

Holidays at Our House

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"Holidays At Our House" can take care of the moments your family has shared during those special days of the year specific to your traditional celebrations. Other titles could include Home for the Holidays, Thanksgiving Dinner, Winter Wonderland Memories, Happy Valentine's Day, Summer and the 4th of July, Halloween Fun Happy Days, Special Celebrations and Christmas Through the Years. Remember each year's joys in this album, even as you photograph new holiday memories to add.

Graduation Days

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This title can collect all of those special school years in one place. Parents can revisit the achievements of their children, and when they get older, the children can remember these times as well. You can title them in more detail with these ideas: School Days, My College Years, Grade School Memories, High School Memories, College Memories, School Days, School Day Treasures and Class Reunion. Graduation days are photo-heavy events. Be sure to have a place to collect the colorful results.

Birthday Memories

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Each family member has his own special day every year, which is captured in snapshots. Put all pictures from birthdays in an album entitled "Birthday Memories" so all members can remember different times in their lives. Many other ideas can title your birthday albums as well: Another Milestone, Birthday Celebrations, Happy Birthday!, My Birthday Book, Among My Souvenirs and As Time Goes By. Whatever name you choose for them, in these photo albums your family will not only have happy birthdays but happy visual recollections of them as well.

Our Children

Treasure the memories of your children in their own special albums. This is the place where you can mark their growth, their childhood activities and even their first steps. Many wonderful titles can capture these youthful memories: A Child Is Born, Childhood Memories, The Growing Years, Only Yesterday, Precious Memories, Priceless Moments and Remember When. Photos of children are common to all families, and each little boy or girl is best remembered with a unique collection of images.