Substitutes for Dark Brown Sugar

by Lauren Agra

If you start baking and find you're out of dark brown sugar, don't panic. This popular baking sweetener is nothing mysterious, it's simply white sugar combined with molasses. As long as you have a little sugar and molasses in the kitchen, you'll never be without dark brown sugar.

Add Molasses

To turn white sugar into dark brown sugar, add molasses. The more molasses you add, the darker and finer the sugar becomes. Combine 1 cup of white sugar with 2 tbsp. of molasses. Mix well.

Change Light Brown Sugar to Dark

Light brown sugar can be turned into dark brown sugar with a little molasses. Mix 1 tbsp. of molasses into 1 cup of firmly packed light brown sugar. The light brown sugar will darken accordingly.

Very Dark Brown Sugar

If you have dark brown sugar and want a more intense flavor, add molasses to taste and mix. This will create very dark brown sugar. Molasses has a powerful flavor and too much molasses can be overwhelming.

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