Straightening Mustache Hair


0:01 [Music]

0:01 I am James Lamont and I am here at

0:06 Genesis hair salon and this is

0:08 straightening mustache hair some men

0:10 don't notice simple tip and trick to

0:13 straighten mustache hair includes a

0:15 simple comb or brush and a little bit of

0:17 hairspray a simple way to straight in a

0:19 mustache that may be curly in some spots

0:22 is too frequently trim any of those

0:24 stragglers after you do so you can

0:27 choose two different products my

0:29 favorite ones are either a hairspray or

0:31 a wax whichever one that you are able to

0:33 get your hands on choose a small comb or

0:37 a small brush and apply those products

0:39 to your mustache you may need to do so a

0:42 few times in order to achieve your

0:44 desired results but with these simple

0:46 tips and tricks with these two products

0:48 you may just be able to take care of

0:50 those unruly mustache hair

0:52 [Music]