Steps on How to Make Shoes

Making shoes is an individual gift and craft that has long been forgotten. For that reason, most individuals depend on shoe manufacturers to make their shoes for them. If you have a desire to make your own shoes, you can learn how to make them to look just as good or even better than shoes that are on the market. Making your own shoes will likely take a lot of practice before you perfect the craft. However, once perfected, it could lead to you opening up your own shoe line.

Purchase the raw materials that will be needed to make your shoe. With the exception of the fabric and fabric stiffener, which can be purchased at your local fabric store, all of the materials can be purchased from "Shoe Finding" companies. The shoe lasts are sold based on shoe size, and shoe style. Some of the shoe finding companys that have websites are WalrusShoe.Com, GlobalShoes.Net, NationalShoe.Com, TongHeels.Com, and Stiletto-Heel-Tips.Co.Uk (no endorsements).

Create a pattern for your "Upper" by laying your loose fabric around the shoe "Last" so that the fabric meets on the bottom of the Last. Place markings on the fabric to show where the excess fabric needs to be cut. Keep in mind that there should be enough fabric to meet at the bottom of the shoe.

Cut your Upper to match the markings that was made in step 2. Lay your new Upper on top of the felt material to be used as a pattern for cutting the felt. Cut around your felt according to the pattern of the Upper.

Place your felt underneath the Upper fabric. Sew the Upper and the felt together by creating a seam down the center at the back of the Upper. This seam will be made in the heel area.

Spray fabric stiffener onto the Upper. Wrap the Upper securely onto the "Last" so that it meets at the bottom of the Last. Use needle and thread to sew the fabric together at the point where the fabric meets on the bottom of the Last.

Allow the Upper to dry while it is on the Last. As the fabric dries, it will maintain the shape of the Last.

Remove the Last from the upper. Place shoe padding inside of your Upper. Place a light coating of shoe cement onto the bottom of the sole lining so that it is secured to the padding. Allow the cement to dry.

Place shoe cement onto the top of the heel. Attach the heel to the bottom of the shoe upper. Allow the cement to dry.

Place shoe cement onto the sole of the shoe. Attach the sole to the bottom of the upper and to the insides of the heel. Allow the cement to dry.

Place the "Heel Tip" onto the bottom of the heel if your shoe has a heel on it. To do this, simply insert the heel tip into the hole that is on the bottom of the heel. Hit the heel against a hard object to drive the tip into the heel. You can also use a hammer if you like, but the task can be easily accomplished without a hammer.