How to Spy on a Spouse Online

While spying on a spouse online might strike some as ruthless and an invasion of privacy, if you feel that you have a need to check up on your spouse, the Internet is a great way to do it. A few quick and easy steps can help you spy on your spouse online in a flash.

Check your spouse's email often. Many people use email as a way to communicate with those they don't want a spouse to know about. Because email is password protected, it can be hard to check. However, if you know your spouse's password for other applications, it might be the same one she uses for email and other online activities.

Look for your spouse's profile on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. The conscientious spouse, if he doesn't want you to find him online, will make his profile private. However, if he doesn't know you are looking or isn't good with the computer, you should be able to find out who he's chatting with online and more about his online persona.

Disguise yourself online and go patrolling. If you create a bogus account on an online dating site or in a chatroom, you might be able to catch your spouse in the act. Create a fake history for yourself and start chatting.

Browse through the history files on your computer. If you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it's easy to check your computer's browsing history by clicking the "History" icon on the navigation bar. Not only will you see the recently visited sites, you can search for key words or terms that might appear in the history.

Download software to spy for you. While it can be expensive and complicated, there are software programs available for download that will track email and other computer usage so that you can closely monitor your spouse.