Spring Festival School Activities

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Spring festival is a time for students to celebrate their achievements, take a break from academics, let loose and have some fun. Held at the end of the grading period just before spring break, it's also an opportunity to raise funds for school programs through raffles and bake sales. Students, teachers, parents and the community are invited to join in the celebration. Parent and teacher volunteers organize and run the event, ensuring that things go smoothly and everyone is having fun.

Concerts and Jam Sessions

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Live music is an integral part of many spring festivals. Showcase your music program's most talented students by putting together a young musician's concert. Consider a variety of music such as solo student vocalists, the school's choir and the student band. Get parents in on the action and set up parent-student jam sessions before the concert where they can break out instruments and entertain.

Green Stations

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Set up an environment-friendly station to increase awareness about waste reduction. Let students know how a small change can have a big impact on the planet. Smaller children will enjoy learning about composting, especially because worms are involved. Encourage students to explore the easiest materials to recycle and reuse such as paper, aluminum cans and plastic. Pair up older children with younger students, and challenge them to come up with creative ways to reuse plastic bottles. They can turn them into bird feeders, plant pots and even snack bowls.

Relay Races

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Organize various relay races to promote team building. Group older students on teams with younger children so they can serve as team leaders and set a good example for the younger students. Three-legged races, potato sack relays, egg on a spoon and water cup relay are a few races to consider. Relay races build a sense of camaraderie and teach students to work together. It's also an ideal way for students to be active and burn off excess energy.

Arts and Crafts

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An arts and crafts station helps students to release some creative energy, which is what spring festivals are all about. Create different craft areas so that you have something for everyone. Smaller children tend to enjoy activities such as finger painting, balloon decorating, seashell painting and face painting. Older students often like weaving bracelets and headbands, making beaded jewelry and creating hand-drawn greeting cards.