How to Find a Specific Person

by Heather Topham Wood

There are thousands of potential reasons you may need to find a specific person. Reasons can range from wanting to get back in touch with an old classmate to tracking down a person who owes you money. Whatever the reason, you can use online tools to find out the person's address and contact information.

Go to a free people search website. White Pages, and ZabaSearch are examples of websites that allow you to look up people for free.

Provide the person's name and location in the search box of the people finder website. The last name is the only required field, but the more information you can supply, the more refined your search results will be.

Give additional information to the people finder engine if the name search proves unsuccessful. The White Pages, and ZabaSearch also have options to search for a specific person by email address or phone number.

Review the returned results. If the person is found on the web, the search engines will provide you with as much information as possible. You can review contact details like home address and phone number, online profiles and web pages where the person's name appears.

Pay a fee for any additional information you require. Basic details will be provided for free, but if you want to access public records or perform a background check, the people search engines will ask that you pay a fee for the information.


  • Social networking sites are another popular way to locate specific people you may want to track down. Facebook and MySpace are both free to join, and it will only take a few minutes to set up a profile and start searching for people you know.


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