Spark Your July Fourth Cocktails with Firework Drink Stirrers

Don’t just spike your drink this July 4th. Spark it! These firework-inspired drink stirrers are made from paper and bamboo skewers, so you can whip them up in no time and bring sparklers to your barbecue drinks!


Streamers, cardstock and/or mylar
Bamboo skewers
Hot glue
Double-stick tape

To make the fire cracker stirrer, cut a small rectangle of one color of cardstock and a small circle out of another color. Roll the rectangle into a tube and secure the edge with glue. Cut a slit in one side of the circle and overlap the ends to form a cone shape. Hot glue the cone on top of the tube. Hot glue a skewer to the inside of the tube.

To make the firework drink stirrers, cut a 5- to 6-inch rectangle from your streamers (or mylar) and fringe one side of it. Wrap the non-fringed end around the top of a bamboo skewer and secure it with a piece of double stick tape.

To make the starburst drink stirrer, cut an abstract star shape from your cardstock and glue it to a bamboo skewer.

Set up a variety of these fun stirrers by your drinks or bar and let guests finish off their drink with a bang!

All Photos: Kelly Lanza