Small Engagement Party Ideas

by Meeghan Davis ; Updated September 28, 2017

An engagement is a very special time for a couple. Whether you choose to cook for your party guests or to dine out, you can make this small engagement dinner a special, intimate party.


Having a small party means inviting the people that mean the most to the newly engaged couple. Free engagement party invitations can be found at


Engagement parties are typically dinner parties, but can also be as simple as cocktails and appetizers. Small dinner parties can be easily prepared by the host at his or her home, or held at the couple's favorite restaurant.

Food Ideas

By having a small dinner party, be more creative with your meal. Chicken Marsala is an easy and popular dinner meal; pair the marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and a Caesar salad.


Some Italian restaurants offer tables which seat parties up to 20 people and provide family style portions. To find a spot in your area, check out

Thoughtful Gift

Planning a slide show is usually appreciated by the engaged couple; choose pictures from the couple's childhoods through the early stages of their relationship up to the current day.

Knowing What the Couple Likes

If you are cooking for the couple, remember to choose their favorite foods; if dining out is the plan, pick a restaurant that the couple loves.

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