Small Birthday Party Ideas

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Sometimes, people prefer throwing small birthday parties and celebrating with a few family members and friends. You can throw a small birthday party at home or even out at a restaurant or park. Small birthday party ideas include karaoke, an ice cream party, scavenger hunt and even a WWE Wrestlemania party.

Karoke Party

Even small birthday parties can include a karaoke machine, which are relatively inexpensive to rent for the evening. The smaller crowd will allow everyone to sing as much as they want. You can choose songs from a particular decade, or select particular songs that people can choose from a hat. Make sure the birthday girl or boy gets to open and close the show. Include plenty of balloons, streamers and party favors. Everyone can vote on the best performance of the night. Award the winner with a door prize.

Ice Cream Party

Ice cream parties are not just for large crowds. Small groups of kids or adults can enjoy them, too. Since your having a small party, travel to the store together and purchase all the ice cream and your favorite toppings. When you return to the house, take turns making everyone's favorite dish. Another option is to buy every topping imaginable and create a hodgepodge of ice cream and toppings, according to Be as creative as possible, then everyone can indulge. However, make sure the birthday boy or girl gets the first taste.

Scavenger Hunt

Throw a scavenger hunt birthday party if you have four, six or an even number of people. Exclude yourself as the party organizer because your job will be to hide the items. Split everyone up into two or three teams. You can hide the items locally in the house or yard, or in strategic places around town. For example, you can give everyone a clue to find the first item. A second clue can be left at the location of the first item, and so on. Make sure everyone leaves the clues behind for the team that lags behind. Place clues and items in small plastic boxes and tape them to buildings or objects. Make sure you place each item in an inconspicuous place so nobody removes them. Award door prizes to the winners.

WWE Wrestlemania Party

A WWE Wrestlemania party is especially geared toward young kids. Invite everyone to dress their kid up as their favorite wrestler. Set up some friendly competitive games if you have enough people. For example, let the kids play musical chairs, tug of war, hot potato and other competitive games. Declare the kid kid with the most victories as the overall winner. Give the boy or girl a door prize like a free pass to a children's restaurant. Give everyone else a small prize for participating. However, most importantly, do not forget the cake, ice cream or other treats.