How to Show Your Wife That You Trust Her

by Paul Bright
Mutual trust is key to a marriage.

Mutual trust is key to a marriage.

The bond of trust is key to making a marriage last, according to the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. If your wife has done something to break your trust but you've begun to trust her again, she may not believe you. If you do trust her and you're ready to restore the relationship, you'll have to show her that you trust her through your actions, words and body language.

Show Trust Through Actions

According to the Relationship Institute, rebuilding trust often involves taking action. For example, if your wife lied about finances, one way to build trust is to ask to see receipts for every purchase. When you do trust her again, demonstrate that trust by not asking for receipts any more. This can apply to almost any situation.

Build Trust Through Verbal Communication

You can demonstrate trust through your words: positive communication enhances relationships, according to Dr. Wendy Schwartz. Phrases like "I trust you," "You can handle it now" and "I know you'll do the right thing" can help build your wife's confidence. Try eliminating discussion about the issues that broke the trust in the first place. If you trust her now and she brings the topic up, acknowledge it but redirect the conversation to a more positive one.

The Body Language of Trust

Body language and nonverbal communication are important in showing that you trust your wife. If the betrayal involved violence, you might find yourself using defensive body posture - arms folded, turning your body away from your wife. By opening up your body and sitting close to her or allowing physical contact, you will show her that you trust her again.

Social Settings

Demonstrating trust in a social setting can help rebuild the trust bond. When your closest friends and family can see that you trust your wife, the resulting positive peer pressure may help her believe it, too. This can include putting together the actions, verbal communications and nonverbal communications that demonstrate trust all in one setting. If you hold her hand, speak highly of her around others and don't follow her to every corner of the room, she may understand that you trust her.

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