How to Show a Guy You Are Moving On Images

In an ideal break-up situation, you move on while your ex-boyfriend is still pining over you. Even if you’re not completely over your ex, it can feel good to show him that you’re moving on and happily discovering what your life is like without him. Show him that you’re okay post-breakup, without actually having to tell him.

Don't Contact Him

The most obvious way to show your ex that you're moving on is to avoid contacting him. If you make contact, you're letting him know that you're still thinking about him. From December 22, 2010 to January 5, 2011, the YourTango website surveyed more than 1,000 viewers and 50 percent of the respondents admitted to contacting their ex through text, email, phone or instant message, even when they felt it wasn't the right choice. When you're missing your ex or are just feeling down, your first instinct might be to call him and talk about it -- but don't. This just shows that you still need him in your life. Instead, talk to family and friends. If you find it hard to stay away, try to cut off all forms of contact, including all social media.

Don't Talk About Him

If you have mutual friends with your ex-boyfriend, avoid bringing him up in conversation. This includes venting to them about how he acted in the relationship, reminiscing over the good times or asking how he’s doing. Chances are, your friends will let your ex know that he’s still on your mind. You also shouldn't post anything about him on his friends’ social media pages where he might see it. This will also spare your friends from the awkward position of being in the middle of your break-up, where they might feel they have to choose between you and your ex.

Be Social

Getting out of the house and meeting new people is one of the first steps to a new start. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to date somebody or look for a new relationship if you’re not ready, according to the Science of Relationships website. You can go out on a casual date for fun, as well as to build up your confidence and remind yourself that there are other guys out there. You can even just go out and catch up with your girlfriends. In fact, a 2003 study involving 92 students at the University of Minnesota indicates that breakups usually result in stronger platonic friendships. If your ex hears that you are going out and having fun, instead of moping around at home, he’ll likely take this as a sign that you are moving on.

Show Self-Improvement

If you ever bump into your ex on the street, the best way to say “I’ve moved on” is to look put-together, happy and confident. This will show him that you are moving forward by focusing on bettering yourself, whether it be physically or career-wise. Taking time to become more physically fit can also help you combat depression and anxiety, according to Tommy Boone, co-founder of the “American Society of Exercise Physiologists” in a June 2010 article on the SheKnows website. By presenting a fitter, happier you, you’ll show your ex that your life is better without him -- and more importantly, it will be true.