Short Layered Bob Hairstyles With Textured Ends

by Tarah Damask ; Updated September 28, 2017

Dianna Agron wears a textured bob to the "Glee, The 3D Concert Movie" premiere in Westwood, California.

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While you may think of a bob hairstyle as having straight-across bangs and a blunt bottom worn by little girls, when you play around with textured ends and a variety of layering options, this short style becomes all grown up and fashion forward. Whether you're a fan of bangs, no bangs, a soft appearance or an edgy vibe, there's a short bob that suits every fancy.

Choppy, Rocker Vibe

When you love the idea of a bob, but a too-structured hairstyle leaves you feeling a bit cold, ask your hair stylist for a choppy bob with a rocker vibe. Running counter to the classic blunt, bangs-less bob is one that hits just under your earlobes with short layers allover and textured ends. In addition, ask for messy bangs that you can wear either down to frame your face or swept to the side. No matter how you wear it, this versatile style works because there are no hard lines. Get playful with a hint of pomade or let your hair do its own thing.

Blunt Versus Piecey

If you like a bit of structure met with a bit of a carefree edge, consider playing with a bob that includes both hard and textured lines. Start with a bob length that hits just above your chin. Ask for a blunt cut across the bottom with blunt, straight bangs. Then, have your stylist use a razor for textured ends along the bottom of your hair and around your face for a soft look in contrast to your perfectly hard-lined bangs.

Soft and Feminine

Stick with the classic shape of a bob without bangs, going with a length an inch or two beneath your chin. Ask your stylist to create long layers for a soft, less severe look than a blunt, one-length bob. Wear this style parted on the side or down the center and gain added softness and femininity by asking for textured ends beginning near your chin and down throughout the ends of your hair.

Angled and Messy

While your first inclination is likely to ask your stylist to create texture that frames your face, consider switching things up with a graduated bob. A look where the hair is longest at the chin with hair angling up, getting shorter as it nears the base of the head. This creates a softly rounded look from the front that you can wear parted on the side or at the center. To avoid creating a too-harsh angle, ask your stylist for heavily textured ends for added movement and a soft, messy take.

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